The first ultrasound examination was realised on 20 th November 2002 after 11 weeks after insemination. We were happy when we discovered the fetus that measured 2 millimetres. Delhi is with young and she is the first Indian elephant female that has been successfully inseminated in Europe (one and only Indian elephant baby was born after the insemination in USA in ZOO in Washington in 1999). This insemination is also the first one that was effectual for the first time after the transport of the sperm. Delhi is the eighth elephant female in the world that was inseminated successfully. From these eight cases four elephant babies were already born and another four are still waiting for their entry to the world. The only successful insemination in the Europe was carried out in ZOO in Vienna in 2001 but it happened by African elephant.

The third ultrasound examination was done on 23 rd January 2003 and it should validate or displace the suspicion that Delhi will have the twins (the ultrasound on 5 th January 2003). Therefore the German team from IZW Berlin brought perfect equipment on high level and quality. The final conclusion sounds: Delhi is going to have one baby that is (at this moment) 11 centimetres long. There is no reason to be disappointed because of it - one young has more chances to alive than two, and to be born without complications that the long time of period of gravidity could bring. This significant event was presented on the news conference where the representatives of the ZOO, the team from IZW Berlin (people who did the whole espousal), the lord major of Ústí nad Labem, assistant of hetman the whole region and others representatives from political and cultural life took part.

The fourth ultrasound examination was made on 4 th March 2003. The elephant baby measures cca 30 centimetres. Delhi is all right and she feels good.

The fifth ultrasound examination (on 4 th May 2003) was thrilling for us. We were afraid because nothing was seen on the monitor. The finding of the elephant baby lasted for a long time. Finally the small head of the elephant baby appeared on the screen but after a while it decamped again. But the team from IZW stayed calm. They made clear us that the baby is all right and it grows up and its weight is bigger and bigger - because of this we had problems with its finding. The probe is only cca 20 - 25 centimetres long and it is quite normal that sometimes is difficult to find the fetus.